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Platform Developed with Decision Makers in Mind

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

The Trender® Platform was designed for decision makers (DMs) of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). Basic financial fundamentals are not comprehensibly conveyed to them.

The Trender Platform is a diagnostic tool.

There is a big difference between being provided financial statements and comprehending basic financial fundamentals; their interdependencies, current conditions and what drives them.

The human body is a highly complex dynamic system. The medical profession has developed diagnostic tools that doctors need and rely on for fundamental insights to effectively detect and focus on the most important needs of their patients. These various diagnostic tools are the same for each patient, but the results tell a different story from one patient to the next.

The automobile industry has developed diagnostic tools your mechanic uses to help with the maintenance, and to rapidly isolate the source of performance problems and failures needing attention and repair.

The Trender Platform was developed as a financial diagnostic tool for SMB DMs.

What is meant by financial fundamentals?

The Trender Platform’s financial fundamentals are the following;

  • P&L trends

  • Cash flow

  • Liquidity (or financial health)

  • Business values

  • Borrowing capacity

These 5 Elements® of financial fundamentals are updated each month along with their historical trends and, when a business has a budget, their prospective amounts.

The financial fundamental insight from the Trender Platform does not make the decisions for DMs—it helps them help themselves—no one knows more about their business than they do.

The Trender Platform provides holistic financial insights so that DMs can focus on the important issues that need attention, and not get distracted or misled into focusing on areas that are of minimal consequences or not currently in need of significant management attention. 

SMB DMs are constantly thinking about their businesses

SMB DMs eat, sleep and drink their businesses.  They worry about things they should worry about and, unfortunately, they too often also worry about things they don’t need to worry about.  This can be created by not having clarity of financial fundamentals.

They fear (and are often correct) that they may not have the appropriate financial insights to know what needs attention or does not need attention…they worry they may not be worrying about the correct things.

All that is needed to create a Trender Platform are the business' existing monthly balance sheets and income statements.

Experienced SMB financial expertise is included for businesses that use the Trender Platform.

In lieu of writing multiple case studies and “war” stories about Trender Platform’s effectiveness, use the link below to have a first-hand conversation about this system.

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