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How do you know if you have all the information needed to make important financial decisions for your company?

The Trender® gives you the best financial fundamentals about your business so you can make the most informed decisions possible.


Financial Fundamentals For Your Business

Informed decision-making means having on-going clarity of the essentials.

Trends and drivers provide important insights.

5 Elements® of a company's financial fundamentals are:


Cash Flow

Strength /










How do lenders and investors perceive your company?

Is your company growing, merging, surviving, or contemplating a sale?

How much can your company borrow &/or how much is it worth?


Know the on-going answers to these questions before they are asked…their answers, trends and drivers are important and insightful.

Speak the same financial language as bankers and investors.

To learn more about how the Trender Report can help you, click on a link below:


For Business Owners


The 5 Elements

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Business Owners

Business Owners

Understand what you and your financial team need to know about how the

5 Elements of financial fundamentals are impacting each other, and your business.

The Trender Reports clarify and simplify the financial workings of your business

giving you a complete update of your financial situation every 30-days.

Each report includes both a summary and written analysis to

provide context and help you understand what the information means. 

Remember, the information given to auditors and the IRS are not business planning tools and will not provide a full set of financial facts for making informed decisions.

Audits and tax returns are required by banks and the government and serve their purposes.

But this information is not what you, the business decision-maker, needs on an ongoing basis to evaluate, operate, and grow your company.

The financial circumstances of your business will change over time. 

Don't let your business grow faster than your ability to track

the evolving financial needs of your company.

Stay one step ahead of your changing financial conditions

by having timely and accurate information about the 5 Elements.


The monthly Trender Reports will ensure you always have the important information

needed for you and your financial partners to truly understand your business.

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Five Elements

The 5 Elements

Change your view of your company's finances. The unique Trender Reports clarify and reflect the economic reality of your business with a complete update every 30-days.

Each report includes both a summary and brief written analysis

to provide context to help you understand what the information means.

The Trender Reports are more about simplicity and business insights

than traditional financial reports, spreadsheets and conglomerations of disjointed numbers.

The 5 Elements of financial fundamentals are:


Condensed Operating Earnings

With the Operating Earnings portion of your P&L condensed into a single page trends report plus an accompanying insightful graph, you can more effectively identify business issues.


Cash flow 

Understand changes in your company's cash position and financial strength with this unique and common-sense reporting format.



(Financial Health)

See the liquidity of your business calculated in an objective, on-going manner to know the dollar amount of your liquidity and its relationship to the amount of capital needed by the company.


shareholder values

Know the value of your business as well as the factors that determine if your company is creating wealth, or consuming it. 

These are the facts every owner will want to know.


Borrowing capacity

A comprehensive and candid view of your borrowing

capacity based on term debt supported by cash flow.

This is an essential tool for meetings with bankers.

Contact us today to learn more about the 5 Elements of financial insight.

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About Us

Since 1976, Ed Patton has worked as a CPA, held private company controller positions, spent a decade as an investment banker, and is now the owner of a corporate financial advisory firm.

The financial insights provided by the Trender Reports come from real-world experiences:

  • Arranging debt & equity funding for private and public companies

  • Participating in the purchase and sales of privately held companies

  • Facilitating bank loans for corporate businesses

  • Making private company equity valuations

  • IPO involvement

  • Developing "cost of equity" calculation to meet state regulatory requirements

  • Analysis of financial statements for money management firms

  • Working with "Big 4" accounting firms

  • Worked as a controller of privately-owned companies

Contact Ed Patton to gain financial insights and clarity.

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