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It Really is that Simple!

Updated: Mar 15

An age-old financial, rhetorical question from business leaders is along the lines of…”why can’t financial results be presented in a simple and understandable manner?


The answer to this question is multifaceted and seldom articulated.  Among the reasons are:

Too many variables involved…too many ineffective rules to follow....not understanding management's financial insights needs, etc.


Comprehensible financial knowledge for the leaders of businesses, who pay for this information, are not necessarily the primary focus of those providing the service.


The reasons shown above are impediments to providing management with succinct and understandable financial fundamentals. 

Therein lies an opportunity!


The Trender® Reports focuses on and has answered this age-old question for the benefit of business leaders.


The Trender’s elegantly provide business leaders with their company’s 5 Elements® of Financial Fundamentals.

Each financial fundamental is condensed into one number.

Surprisingly, a company’s full financial profile is effectively conveyed with only these five numbers.

This provides business leaders with financial focus, simplicity and clarity when evaluating and tracking their results and planning their company’s future.

The insights derived from comprehending financial fundamentals are significant. 


To learn more, reach out to Ed Patton at the contact information below:


Edward B. Patton

5701 Broadway, Suite 102

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Phone (210) 822-9977


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