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Financial Clarity & Simplicity (all the time)

Updated: Feb 3


  • Clear and simple financial fundamentals are often omitted from ongoing reporting to decision makers of privately owned businesses.

This can result in decision makers flying blind when it comes to comprehending their business’ full financial profile. 


The financial fundamentals that are often not reported, or are underreported, include the following. 

· Cash flow 

· Financial health 

· Value 

· Borrowing capacity 

When these items lack clarity they convert from being an important management tool to being mysterious concepts. 

In turn, an absence of clear and simple reporting of these vital concepts can lead to insufficient insights when evaluating historical results and making decisions that affect a business’ future.

This can result in management running their businesses without understanding the status, drivers, and trends of core financial concepts.



 Solution (provided in everyday language):

· Financial fundamentals reported to decision makers on an ongoing basis in a clear and simple (elegant) manner.

· Information for these fundamentals is derived from existing information.

· The business’s full financial profile explained to decision makers in only a few minutes each month….”only few numbers in a few minutes!”

To learn more, reach out to Ed Patton at the contact information below:


Edward B. Patton 

5701 Broadway, Suite 102 

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Phone (210) 822-9977

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