• Ed Patton

When is it Time to Comprehend Financial Fundamentals?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

When is the best time for the decision makers of SMBs to learn their business's financial fundamentals?

  • When they are contemplating raising equity?

  • When they have a gut feel something is not right about their financial situation?

  • Is it when a bank loan is being renewed?

  • Is it when they are thinking about selling the business?

  • Is it when they are contemplating making a large asset purchase (or acquisition) and are not sure if they have the liquidity or access to funds to execute this purchase?

  • Or…is it constantly throughout the life of the business? – This is the correct answer.

The Trender® Platform provides financial fundamentals in a succinct and comprehensible manner. In addition to leading to more informed business decisions, this also squelches financial uncertainties in the minds and hearts of SMB decision makers.

Give you and your team the time that is needed to recognize, absorb and adjust to the financial needs of your business. These are shown in the 5 Elements® of financial fundamentals, uniquely and effectively, presented in the Trenders.

Not comprehending financial fundamentals can lead to being in the proverbial dilemma of “missing the boat” when it comes to understanding your company’s complete financial profile, on a timely enough basis, to help you manage the business. The financial fundamentals reported in the Trender Platform can make sure you avoid this unfortunate situation experienced by too many in the past.

The Trenders are the first, and only of its kind, to provide financial fundamentals in an efficient and effective manner. The only information the Trenders need, to generate your business’ succinct, comprehensible financial fundamentals, are existing monthly balance sheets and P&Ls.

Again, the Trenders provide clarity and squelches financial uncertainties in the minds and hearts of SMB decision makers.


  • SMB = small to mid-sized businesses

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