• Ed Patton

Understand Cash Flow

Updated: Aug 11

Cash flow is vitally important.

It is not understood by most (this is my observation).

It is bad that such a financially vital item is not understood by a lot of businesses.

The Trender® system solves this problem.

In general, cash flow statements provide changes in cash.

This is accomplished with almost all cash flow statements.

Unfortunately, most are not comprehensible.

If a report is not comprehensible it is of limited, if any, value.

The Trender cash flow statement is comprehensible.

In addition to reporting the change in cash, in a commonsense format, the Trender cash flow statement has an additional “bonus” feature of also showing the creation or consumption of financial strength.

Stop managing your business without comprehending cash flow.

Please reach out if you want to learn more about the Trender’s reports, including cash flow, and the unique and effective way they provide businesses with digestible financial fundamentals.

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