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Lack of Financial Visibility

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A lack of financial visibility hinders the management of many small to mid-sized businesses.

This lack of financial visibility is much more prevalent in the areas of cash flow and capital items¹ than it is for sales, earnings, and P&L items.

The primary reason for this lack of visibility is the lack of these items being rarely, if ever, reported to management in a succinct and understandable manner.

Insights from cash flow and capital components are needed for management to understand their business’ full financial profile.


A business’ cash flow and capital components are always important; they are not always critical.

Experienced management as well as experienced accounting and financial professionals know, from their collective knowledge, that it is better to recognize cash flow and capital problems prior to them becoming critical. All of life's issues are easier to solve before they become critical.

Financial fundamentals need to be clearly reported before they can be evaluated.

Businesses are better served when they monitor succinct and understandable financial fundamentals on an on-going basis vs scrambling when the issue(s) become critical.


Companies benefit from the knowledge derived from having on-going succinct and understandable financial fundamentals.

Proactive advisors provide management with their business’ full financial profile prior to them being required. This helps advisors strengthen their relationships with existing clients; and win new clients.


Management and advisors enhance their overall business knowledge from the clarity and brevity of a business' financial fundamentals as provided by the Trender® Platform.

Find out more about succinct and understandable financial visibility by reaching out to:

Edward B. Patton

5701 Broadway, Suite 102

San Antonio, Texas 78209

Phone (210) 822-9977

¹ Capital items referred to in this blog are:

  • Financial health / liquidity (or balance sheet net summation)

  • Business’ value

  • Borrowing capacity

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