• Ed Patton

Survival Mode (the life of an SMB)

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

To prosper you must first survive.

Many small to mid-sized businesses (“SMB”) are constantly in survival mode.

This may be a little dramatic, but it is often realistic. They are one banana peel slip up from financial catastrophe.

SMB capital cushions are often small. Procuring third-party capital is often a long, difficult and costly process; without a guarantee of successfully raising the desired capital on terms the SMB decision maker (“DM”) will accept.

During the COVID downturn, many businesses that were generally well capitalized learned just how some SMB DMs live on a constant basis…preserving, etc their precious capital base.

Many larger and publicly traded businesses are so strongly capitalized that they are not concerned about nor pressured about financial survival…which is one of the biggest, if not the biggest concern occupying the minds of SMB DMs.

The Trender® Platform provides businesses with their financial fundamentals.

  • Operating earnings

  • Cash flow

  • Financial health (re, liquidity)

  • SH values

  • Borrowing capacity

This should be the future of monthly financial reporting.


You can’t prosper if you don’t survive. You need to survive first, then you can prosper.

Make sure you have the financial strength to survive and then make sure you have the financial strength to support your progress.

The Trenders measure and convey your business’s financial health and value every month.

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