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Business Pillar – Financial Fundamentals

Updated: May 24

Two questions – for business leaders about financial fundamentals…one being a specific question and the other being a rhetorical question. 

 Specific question – do you comprehend (or are you being provided with) succinct and understandable financial fundamentals in everyday language?


Rhetorical question – how do you run a company without understanding a basic business pillar, such as financial fundamentals?


It is helpful when a business’s leaders understand their company’s macro / aggregate financial fundamentals – prior to diving into details.  


This puts financial, operational, and other business details into a more meaningful context.



Before business leaders can be provided with concise financial fundamentals, in everyday language, they need to be:

  • Defined 

  • Calculated

  • Summarized 

  • Reported



 The Trender® Platform has accomplished these above listed tasks and provides business leaders with their company’s financial fundamentals – with its 5 Elements® of Financial Fundamentals.

  • A mantra of the Trenders is – “only a few numbers in a few minutes”.  This is driven by the philosophy of "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".


The Trenders provide the backbone for equipping business leaders with succinct and understandable financial fundamentals.


If you would like to learn more about how the Trenders will benefit your business just reach out to discuss or schedule a call.

Thank you!


Edward B. Patton

5701 Broadway, Suite 102

San Antonio, Texas 78209


Phone (210) 822-9977



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